America's History Retold (3 vol.)

by Alfred de Grazia

vol. 1: Conquest, Colonialism, Constitutions

Conquest, colonialism and constitutions America's History Retold

A new history of America, analytical, critical and in epic form by political scientist Alfred de Grazia, summing up a life-long involvement with the processes at work in the making of America and its projection into the world. This Volume One covers the Native American cultures from Pre-Columbian times and examines anthropological and human accretions of successives waves of immigration. It follows the colonial history of the United States all the way to the heady times of the Declaration Independence and through the first years of the young Republic. 

vol. 2: Originating American Ways of Living and Working

Originating American Ways of living and working America's History Retold

In Volume Two of this critical and epic history of the United States of America, the new industrial civilization takes the virgin continent in its vise. The sheer size of the space to be tamed and exploited propels the young nation to pinnacles of ingenuity and greed. Immense resources in humans and commodities, such as exist nowhere else and will never exist again, are thrown into production. While the autochtonous peoples are suppressed and exterminated, the descendants of the displaced Africans struggle out of appalling conditions of slavery. Masses of hopeful humanity from the old continent are sucked into dreams of prosperity and of a decent life which will come true only for their descendants. While expanding gigantically, the Republic threatens to break apart and saves itself only by resorting to a fratricide war, the first industrialized war in history. A civilization emerges, where man is no longer "the measure of all things."

vol. 3: Shaping Earth's Cultures & Powers

Shaping Earth's cultures and powers America''s History Retold

In the Third and Last Volume of "America's History Retold," the United States of America reach, through the turmoils of two World Wars and a Great Depression, a position of unprecented world dominance, extending to all domains of human activity, and thrive to impose their values and model of democracy, unfortunately often lacking a serious quality control of their exports.