Homo Schizo One: Human and Cultural Hologenesis

Homos Schizo One by Alfred de Grazia

Homo Schizo One describes the first humans, how they came about and what they were like. The surprising story is direct and simple. Amidst mutative and transforming natural disasters, very recently, a "lucky" primate was born bewildered. A split-second delay disrupted his instinctive responses. A multiple personage was created, fearfully self-aware. He reacted with symptoms of schizophrenia. Promptly emplaced was an acute sense of time, of history and a future. Unified with all the world but hating it, he fought for self-control and control of all things and of the fast appearing gods. Strong evidence here contradicts dogmas of man climbing a tall ladder upon many petty rungs - gradual natural selection and culture. Homo was born in a gestalt of creation - schizotypical. History became inevitably schizoid. The ideal of rational man is paradoxically an instinctive hominid.

"Cultural Revolution..." "Schizoid Institutions..."