The Divine Succession: a Science of Gods Old & New

by Alfred de Grazia

Alfred de Grazia: The Divine Succession - a science of gods old & new

Religion was born in the newly self-aware human mind among environmental catastrophes affecting the Earth and the cosmos. It has its origins in the vital need to control and understand the world and oneself, and is at the origin of science as well as of politics.

"Man's moral record in religion is largely unacceptable, whether to humans or to gods, if such exist. No anthropologist, philosopher, or theologian is pleased with it. It has been continuously expurgated and in parts expunged, to make it look better than it is. To little avail. It still appears as total theomachy: a struggle of man against god, god against god, man against man in the name of gods, and man against his divine self." Alfred de Grazia 

The genesis of religion... The succession of the gods...

Geant de Manio Carnac Alfred de Grazia (2008)
Alfred de Grazia with the "Géant du Manio," tallest menhir of the Carnac alignments (Britanny, France)