Homo Schizo Two: human nature and behavior

by Alfred de Grazia

Homo Schizo 2 Human Nature & Behavior Alfred de Grazia

Is the true human a Homo Schizo, and not Homo Sapiens? Our brain is afflicted by micro-second delays that forbid instinct reactions and produce multiple egos. This fearful situation drives us into eternal searching for our self (selves) and for control of others, the natural world, all aspects of self-control. The protype human madness is schizophrenia, with obsession, paranoia, displacements, ambivalence, thinking disorders, aggression. Great art and music emanate from "getting one's head together." The basic motive of scientists is to convert human conduct to instinctive stimulus and response by reducing the human madness; scientific truth is marvellous by-product. Homo Schizo Two treats the human today as Homo Schizo One dealt with his origins and history. Both books form part of Alfred de Grazia's reconstruction of natural and human history.