The American State of Canaan

The peaceful, prosperous juncture of Israel and Palestine as the 51st State of the United States of America, by Alfred de Grazia

The american state of canaan by alfred de grazia

Endless violence, terror and destruction have beset Palestine and Israel for over 60 years and brought instability and war to the Middle East. No formula for peace or welfare has worked. America has deeply compromised its moral and political leadership. The author proposes a stunning solution - the union of the Israeli and Palestinian people, including the Palestinian refugees, in the ancient region of Canaan, the biblical "land of milk and honey," simulatenously with the admission of Canaan to the United States of America as the 51st State. Make of the people of Canaan full citizens of the United States, with the right to settle anywhere in the United States and in Canaan. For every objection to Statehood, there springs forth an answer, and the answers add up to a peaceful and prosperous Union. The endless traumas, terrors and threats visited upon the people of the Middle East would diminish exponentially, and the moral stature of the United States would be restored.