Pushing the Limits: Disaster Archaeology, Archaeodisasters & Humans

by Amanda Laoupi

Amanda Laoupi’s PUSHING THE LIMITS is a gold mine for researchers trying to unravel myriads of un-solved enigmas in natural and human history. 
Gunnar Heinsohn (August 2016)

Disasters can be seen not as natural phenomena and isolated, unexpected, unprecedented and uncertain events, but as social and historical processes.

Amanda Laoupi

Pushing the Limits Disaster Archaeology Archaeodisasters by Amanda Laoupi
Changes, crises, disasters, collapse... Such is the story of Humanity. This book focuses on merging all disciplines, perspectives, theories, aspects and applications of disaster science within their spacio-temporal framework into the one major scientific field, Disaster Archaeology. A science of the non-limit experience of the Biosphere, from mosquito bites and plagues to asteroid impacts. From Forensic scientific fields to Earth Sciences and Humanities, from Environmental and Landscape Archaeology to Public and Salvage Archaeology, from Disaster Mythology and Astrology to Eco-Anthropology and Disaster & Anarchist Anthropology , from Shock Doctrine and Black Swan Theory to Dragon Kings...

ISBN: 978-1603770934  LCCN: 2016938016
592 pages - US$ 27.90

Amanda Laoupi

Amanda (Adamantia) Laoupi

Amanda Laoupi was born in Athens on August 19, 1968. She studied at the National and Kapodistrian University in Athens. She has a PhD in Environmental Archaeology (Summa Cum Laude) and has done post-doctoral work in Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies. She has an MSc in Environmental Protection and Management. She has worked for the Goulandris Museum of Natural History and for the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) - Centre for the Assessment of Natural Hazards and Proactive Planning as an associate researcher
She is the founder of the interdisciplinary scientific field of Disaster Archaeology (2005), the founder and webmaster of websites on Archaeodisasters (2010). She has a rich online presence and has collaborated with a plethora of institutions, researchers and clients in a variety of topics
Environmental & Cultural Sectors:
Crisis & Disaster Studies, Hazard Heritage Management, Creative Industries & Digital Humanities, Environmental Education, Academic Research; Public & Private Consulting; Archaeodisaster & Spiritual Tourism; Matriarchal Studies.

Chapter 5: Impact of Archaeodisasters on human evolution and civilization